Prophet & Tools Triple Beard Oil Deluxe Set

Get more value for your money (and your beard) with Prophet and Tools Triple Beard Oil Deluxe edition.This set contains the top favorites in scent and standard in men's beard oils from Prophet and Tools. The three variations included Unscented, Sandalwood, and Cedarwood.

This awesome beard oil set will serve you on any occasion, time or place. Just pick your flavor of the day! These beard oils are celebrated for their ability to instantly sooth beard itch and irritation, while also being packed full of natural ingredients that help you in growing a thicker, more full-bodied beard.

Beard promoting natural ingredients included rich vitamin E oil,soothing aloe vera oil, chamomile oil, and jojoba oil. Boost your beard's vitality and health with this nutrient rich beard oil set!

  • QAR 140,00