Mountaineer Magic Balm & Beard Oil

Get more bang for you buck with this conditioning and beard growth Mountaineer Magic Balm & Beard Oil set! Your beard will seriously thank you.

This set is designed to condition, repair, and maintain a man's healthy beard. It keeps the skin under your beard moisturized and flake-free to boot, helping you keep dandruff and beard itch at bay.

The Mountaineer Beard Balm comes in a rich, creamy consistency that conditions facial hair, while Mountaineer Beard Oil quickly absorbs into your skin and hair follicles to give your beard that smooth and subtle shine.

This set gives you two everyday beard care staples at a great price, helping you establish and build the groundwork for a beard that is healthy and epic!

Beard Oil Size: 60ml
Beard Balm Size: 60g

  • QAR 185,00