• Mountaineer Cactus Bristle Brush

Mountaineer Cactus Bristle Brush

Brushing your beard is an essential and vital part of growing a healthy beard. Knots are disastrous and will put a damper on your beard's ability to reach its full potential.

This pocket-sized beard brush from Mountaineer is a classic staple for the well-groomed man's beard. Lightweight, sturdy, and shaped like an oval, this brush will sit comfortably in your hands.

Mountaineer Cactus Bristle Brush is designed with natural bristles that help stimulate your hair follicles and helps you coat all your hairs evenly while applying beard oil. This beard brush is perfect for every man and every beard. Treat your beard with  this cruelty-free, plastic-free, and vegan friendly beard brush.

  • QAR 85,00